Darreshia Brown

At the age of 14 I had my first child.

The life as a teen-parent wasn't bad financially as I had a good financial support system (my mother and my former stepdad). I graduated from Pace Inc (an all girls school) in 2004 with a perfect attendance scholarship, and two $2,000 scholarships towards college. After high school, I went to Remington college for Pharmacy Tech and graduated in 2005. After, I worked in that field for about two years. Once my mother opened her assisted living facility, my career path went for a shift as I started working as a caregiver and did pharmaceutical work as needed.


I had my daughter in 2009 and began college at the University of Phoenix for my AA in Health Administration Management and used those skills as needed at my mother's assisted living facility.

In 2013, I got my CNA license and began working with different agencies along side with my mothers facility. As years went by I had grown a passion for helping teenage girls (little girls in general). 

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That is why I actually asked the Lord for a daughter a short time before my daughter was concieved.

I believe my passion for helping younger women grew on me as I overcame certain experiences. I was between the ages of 5 and 7 when I was molested, by the age of 15 I was raped (but I really don't like to use that word, because we both were young and my son's father is now deceased and not here to testify to the truth) at the same time I said "no". I was a virgin and it was my first time and that is when I got pregnant. No one ever knew what really happened until I went to Pace, an all girls school (at that school I learned so much and was able to release things I had held in).


It was a letter there I had written about my past, present and future which brought light to the way my son was truly conceived.

By the age of 20 I was in a very abusive relationship that left me with a bloody face and a fractured nose, but there were times I kept going back into the relationship until the worse event (fractured nose). In 2018, my kids and I moved to a new city for a better scenery and it was that move that really blessed me to see my purpose in a broader light.


In June/July during the pandemic I had a client whose home I cleaned periodically and she gave me so many clothes, shoes, and accessories, and that is how we came about "Haniel's Closet Inc".

She was jokingly serious and was like, "Girl you maybe able to start a thrift store" and after that the Lord began dropping the purpose of the closet in me. Day by day I was writing things on my board. Then came the name of our organization along with what we will offer. Though I didn't have a lot at the moment I had enough to take the steps needed. Therefore, we incorporated our name, purchased a storage to house our items in and started preparing in other ways to start up our non-profit organization.